Walnut Dining/Boardroom Table with Solid Black Base Clear Polished Top Epoxy

Walnut Coffee Table with Solid Ocean Blue Epoxy

Jul 29

Bar Table

Walnut Bar Table with Solid Ocean Blue Epoxy

Flood-coated Epoxy Walnut Dining Table

Oct 22


Walnut Single Slab Live Edge Desk with Adjustible Legs

Sep 23

Counter Top

Maple Counter Casted in Clear Epoxy

Walnut Live Edge River Table with Epoxy Flood Coat

Walnut Coffee Table with Epoxy Fill and Geometric Base

May 25


Walnut Island with Epoxy River

May 25


Geometric Epoxy Desk

Walnut Live Edge Dining Table with Gold Diamonds and Custom Legs

Ash Square Cut Table Custom Legs

Maple Single Slab Dining Table Custom Wood Legs

Apr 14


Walnut Live Edge Dining Table, Bench and Console with Custom Legs

Butternut Live Edge Dining Table Custom Legs

Live Edge Walnut Coffee Table with Custom Legs

Walnut Single Slab Live Edge Table Custom Legs