Explore thousands of kiln-dried and flattened slabs in the biggest facility of its kind in Toronto, where we guarantee to produce the piece to match your one-of-a-kind project. Visit our showroom in person, or browse our slabs on-line.


Do you have a good selection?

We have the largest selection of live edge slabs in Toronto. Our 11,000SF facility is usually stocked with over 20,000 board feet of lumber from small charcuterie size pieces to dining table 12′ monsters. Most of our slabs are listed online. However, we always stock thousands of board feet of 1″ thick wood.

Is your wood kiln dried?

Absolutely, positively, 100%! We sell the slabs that we use for our tables, and we would never compromise our work with improperly dried slabs. All of our wood comes from one reputable kiln that we’ve been working for years. We take pride in selling only quality lumber, and stand behind every slab we sell.

Can you ship slabs?

We ship slabs all over Canada on a regular basis. We can ship one slab or, for wholesale customers, sending a full skid is also an option.

Do I need an appointment to look at wood?

You do not need an appointment to visit our showroom. We encourage customers to drop in any time during our working hours. You are free to browse our showroom at your leisure. Our slabs are organized by log and by type, with hundreds on display. If you have a specific size in mind, we’d be glad to point you in the right direction as well… we know where everything is!

What species do you carry?

We specialize in walnut which easily takes up 50% of our inventory at any given time. In addition, we carry:

– Ash (our favorite light wood)

– Cherry (We like how it looks, but bigger slabs seem to have bigger rot holes)

– Red elm, Siberian elm (We like Siberian more!)

– White and red oak (White is way nicer)

– Butternut (Wish we can have more)

– Maple (Silver, white, ambrosia, spalted) 

– Hickory (Wish it did not weigh so much!)

How much are your slabs?

We charge by the board foot. A board foot is 1 square foot of lumber at 1″ thickness. Price will depend on length, width and thickness of the slabs. In addition, each species of slab is priced according to the market. Walnut is usually the more expensive wood and species like Maple or Ash will be more affordable.

Do you have a particular size?

Yes! With the number of slabs we stock, we most likely we have it. We get a lot of inquiries about specific slabs, but with so many options at our shop, at times it is difficult to allocate manpower to compose a response with several options, pricing and photos. We do have an online store with hundreds of slabs displayed, searchable by thickness, slab type and species.

Can you cut the slabs?

Absolutely. We can cut the slabs width- and length-wise. Whether it’s for shipping purposes, fitting or any other application, we’d be happy to help you out. Contact us by email to discuss your needs.

Are slabs refundable?

The slabs are refundable within a week of purchase unless they have been worked on.

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