Metal Work

Find out why other shops in Toronto, along with hundreds of customers, have trusted us with custom metal bases for their projects. Whether it's wooden or stone dining or coffee tops, our in-house welding department is ready to bring your vision to life with the perfect custom design for you.

Metal Bases

Where do you get your bases?

We make them. Our in-house welding department takes care of all metal work required for our own custom furniture fabrication along with taking orders for residential, trade and commercial projects. We are happy to discuss our existing designs or explore a unique design built just for you.

Do you have finished bases available for purchase?

We have some. Over the years, we found it difficult to stock enough bases and legs to accommodate everyone’s needs. Between all the different designs, finishes, and sizes, it proved to be much more efficient to do it custom to ensure the best fit.

How long does it take?

Bases usually take 2-3 weeks to make, based on design and finish.

What type of finishes do you offer?

We offer 3 most common finishes: powder coating (most common), plating and spray paint. Additionally, bases or legs can be kept in natural, “raw metal” finish. This gives a more industrial, hand-made feel. Our most common finish is black powder coat.

Can you make custom bases?

Absolutely. Custom bases are all we do. The best way forward is to email us, describe your project and we’ll go from there.

Why do you make bases instead of legs?

We rarely make individual legs for your tables. We feel that making a base that’s connected by a beam (usually running on the top of the base along the underside of the top) is much stronger support for often heavy tops. It can help with keeping the top flat and avoid cupping or warping. Additionally, it makes installation much easier, where flipping the top to install the legs is not necessary.

How much weight can your bases support?

This ultimately depends on the design, but all of our dining table bases can support at least a thousand pounds.

Are you able to modify our existing base?

Unfortunately, no. The work required to modify old bases often equates to creating a new one, and it never comes out clean as a new. We prefer to avoid this type of project.

Do your bases have levelers?

Yes. All our bases will have levelers installed unless specified otherwise. Between slight unevenness of the top, base and the floor, having the flexibility of levelers allows the table to sit perfectly flat. 

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