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Custom Wood Table

Custom Woodworking

There are so many things to be considered for your custom woodworking project. The extent and complexity of your project will depict details like wood type, finish, shape, proportion, and enhancements, which is where our skilled team of woodworkers shine. With years of distinct knowledge and experience at your disposal, we’ll help you through the process of bringing your design to fruition.

Metal Base

Custom Metal Fabrication

That’s right, we do more than woodwork! In fact, metalwork is our specialty. In addition to selling pre-made legs and bases, our workshop has a large metal fabrication department ready to take on your custom metal fabrication projects. If you already have a tabletop, we are happy to create a custom sturdy base for you. From complex contemporary ideas to the simple classics, we have several welders and expert designers on site who are ready to help you with creative, cost-effective solutions to challenging projects.

Epoxy with Rocks

Epoxy Consultation

Epoxy application is an art in itself and over the years, our team has become skilled in the craft. Because of its incredible adhesion to wood, we exclusively use and distribute Ryver’s range of epoxy products. We are the only shop in the city to import and carry such an impressive roster of specialty products, making it your one-stop epoxy shop for fellow artisans.

Wood Sales

We mill and dry our slabs in house which allows us to keep costs low and selection of locally-sourced, Canadian wood slabs consistently high. Our showroom boasts 5,000SF of live edge slabs, which range from walnut, ash, maple, cherry, oak, elm and other local hardwoods. If you’re in the market for wood, our team will help you find the perfect slab for your upcoming project.

Services for Woodworkers

Planing (Up to 52”)

Running a slab through a planer ensures each slab comes out smooth and, especially important in the case of tabletops, with uniform thickness. Our industrial wood planer is one of the few of its kind in Ontario that can handle slabs up to 52” wide, and is a service we proudly offer to tradespeople.

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