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We’be been using RYVER Epoxy in our shop since 2019 and stand behind this product 100%. We are proud to carry and use CANADIAN made product and are extemely happy with the results and value it brings with its affordable pricing. Created by a live edge artisans in Quebec, RYVER line up brings perfect product for every resin challange.

RYVER R-EPOXY is designed to flow in a thin layer. Fast curing, R-EPOXY is the ideal product for filling cracks, small holes and voids. Perfect for sealing live edge. Works great for flood coats as well. Designed with premium ingredients, it offers exceptional transparency and luster.

RYVER R-CAST is THE resin for casting. Featuring exelent transparency, without solvents and without odor. Formulated to pour up to 2“ thick in one pour. It works very well with metallic pigments. It’s budget friendly price allows creating one of kind projects without breaking the bank!

RYVER R-CLEAR is the ultimate version of R-CAST. Designed for casts up 3” thick and its transparency is as clear as a glass of water! It is a stable UV product that can be used in a sunny place without danger of yellowing. R-CLEAR is engineered from premium ingredients to deliver exceptionally clear bubble-free results.